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Restore Unusble BKF Database with Comprehensive BKF Repair Tool

BKF Repair tool is one such tool which uses advanced algorithm to repair and restore corrupted backup files which is created through NTBackup.exe and VERITAS backup tool. Some of the features of Windows BKF Repair Tool are given below that helps you to extract corrupted BKF database:

Get more information about BKF File Errors in BKF Repair Service Center

  • BKF Corruption Due to Missing or Damaged Catalog Files

'“NTBackup.exe utillity is the built-in utility of Microsoft Windows which is used to createbackup files but sometimes it shows some error messages when inconsistency of BKF files interrupts to restore BKF Database ……..”

  • Restore 32-bit Windows Backup Files to Windows 7 (32-bit)

“Here you can get the easiest way to restore 32-bit Windows backup files on Windows 7 (32-bit) and you can also get the manual way to restore Windows XP backup files in Windows Vista and Win 7......”

  • BKF Corruption When You Create Backup While BITS is On Progress

“If backup process and BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) are running on the same time then the backup files of Windows System may become ineffectual and you need an efficient solution to resovle BKF Issues…….”

  • BKF Corruption Due to Hardware Error or Software Malfunction
    "An inconsistency was encountered in the requested backup file"

“Are you getting ‘An Inconsistency was Encountered in the Requested Backup Files’ error during the restoration process of Windows backup files. In that case you can easily regain BKF database through…….”

“Generally this problem occurs due to hardware device error or corruption. But you can easily handle the situation of BKF corruption with advanced BKF Repair Tool that effectively works in all circumstances of BKF corruption. It provides you…….”

  • Fed Up With Error Message
    "The backup files contains unrecognized data and cannot be used"

“Sometimes BKF files got corrupted due to unwanted system failure. And this time may be you faces some problem in the form BKF Errorslike: ‘The backup files contains unrecognized data and cannot be used’. But your small efforts can easily resolve this problem……”

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Get more information about BKF File Recovery in Video and PPT

PPT of BKF File Repair Tool

Most of the moving over advancement can lead you under troublesome situations.  Like when you move from 32-Bit Windows OS to 64-Bit, chances are that you might lose accessibility over backup data. In this situation advanced BKF repair tool enable you to restore MS Backup data conveniently.


VIDEO of BKF File Recovery Process

Why You Cannot Access Backup Created On 32-Bit Windows On 64-Bit OS?

When backup is created on 32-Bit Windows Operating System, virtualization of system files is done via filter drivers and thus the workability of Volume shadow Copy (VSS) is different in 64-Bit OS. When you try to restore BKF file that was created on 32-Bit Window, variation in VSS interface leads to changes in catalog which is an essential component for restoring backup database as it defines the location of data to be restored. Under such circumstances, solution to repair Windows BKF file arises that could deeply analyze corruption issues and fixes them conveniently.